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Shiva in Exile
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SHIVA IN EXILE is a new age/oriental/gothic project started in 2003 by former PC game soundtrack composer and DARKSEED songwriter/vocalist Stefan Hertrich (Munich/Germany).
The debut album "Ethnic" was released in the same year by the Canadian label Trostlos Records. In 2004, the album won the Just Plain Folks Music Award in the category "Best New Age/World Album 2004".
Finally, after 5 years, the second album "Nour" (the arabic word for "light") saw the light of day, released on Hertrich’s own label Listen Think Publishing (July 2008) and several license partners (later this year).
"Nour" is an innovative mix of modern Gothic/

Electro/Soundtrack and ethnic/oriental elements (dozens of stringed, woodwind and percussion instruments from the Near East, Africa and native America). In combination with the unique, original vocal performance of Yana Veva (St. Petersburg/
Russia) this album became extremely energetic and mystic but yet warm and sensitive, inviting the listener to a spiritually uplifting experience. We are taken on a journey of revolution, of change, understanding and ultimately into the deep mysteries of the east.
In tracks like Viva La Revolucion, We're All One and He'neya we are thrown into the middle of the conflicts as Yana leads the way in protest. From there we are taken on a journey of spiritual understanding throughout the east. In Anubis your mind will dance within the ancient temples of Egypt, you will take your spiritual journey further with tracks such as Desert of Yunus and Blue Healing. There are songs to make you dance, to make you cry, to have you stand up and scream to the skies... why!
"Nour" has a running time of 70 minutes and includes the bonus track "Bullet" featuring Hanine Hannousch from Beirut/Lebanon who wrote a poem with the same name during the Lebanese/Israelian war (summer 2006) in bombed Beirut.
"Ethnic" and "Nour" have been re-released by the German/American record company Aquarius International Music in 2012.
Right now Stefan Hertrich is working on new material and publishes his new SHIVA IN EXILE songs step by step on his personal YouTube channel.

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