sexta-feira, 2 de agosto de 2013

Tenores di Bitti

Real World Records

Tenores di Bitti are Sardinia's celebrated masters of traditional "tenores" singing, a tradition that dates back over a thousand years. The Tenores do not use written music - this precious cultural/musical tradition is handed down orally from father to son. Their singing is characterised by the sounds of the natural landscape and the singers stand one in front of the other, forming a circle; their singing is a symbol of the strength, of the social cohesion, which is felt inside. The album "S'amore 'e mama" was released by Real World Records in 1996. The songs were all recorded at different sites - churches, streets, canteens, bars and in the countryside itself.
Watch and listen the videos: 
Ballu Lestru, Ballu SeriuRemunnu e Locu, Ballu Seriu in Vaticano, Anghelos Cantade, Affari Tuoi con Bonolis and Top Tracks (61 videos).

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