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Asal Malekzhadeh
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Asal Malekzade born on 12/05/1987 in Tehran,Iran.
Has been playing Daf for over 17 years.
She first of oll became interested in Daf as a child and feel in love with this instrument right away.
She continued to trained under the watchedful eye and care of Mr mehrad nobakht and Mrs sara ahmadi who had a profound effect on her development.
Having spent 4 month researeching the history of the Daf as well as gaining valuable experience from Mr mehrdada karimkhavari.
She has reached a high level in this field.
Breaking many stereotypes of women playing this instrument.
Asal has been successful in establishing a group producing an album writing a Daf book and taking part in several international and domestic festivals.
some of her achievements inclued coming first as a soloist in 8 festivals. Holding performances in being the conductor.
she well known group and having several students under her supervision.
Today Asal is a well-stablished professor teaching at Alzahra university and active in holding concerts and work shops both in Iran and around the world.

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