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Rajna is a French group performing world music, with atmospheric layering of synthesizer, ethnic instruments and an ethereal female voice (called Heavenly Voices).
Rajna was founded in 1997 by Gerard Chambellant, Fabrice Lefebvre and Jeanne Lefebvre. Influenced by the flavors of Eastern culture, the band made three albums: Ishati (1999), Yahil (1999), The Heady Wine of Praise (2001). After the release of their third album, and the departure of Gerard Chambellant, the group officially became a duo and released The Door of Serenity in 2002 which was followed by Hidden Temple in February 2004. In 2005, Rajna became involved in a project close to its heart ... In partnership with the association "La Maison des Himalayas", all the royalties generated by sales of their album Black Tears anthology went to that association, in order to build a school for children of Nepal. In 2006 Rajna explored new horizons and new sounds to make the album "Otherwise". Following a meeting in summer 2005 with the Neapolitan composer Francesco Banchini they undertook a collaborative project under the name Khvarena, which resulted in the album "The Spirit Rises", released in 2007.
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