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Natascha Nikeprelevic
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Vocalist Natascha Nikeprelevic is an improviser, performer-composer and interpreter of contemporary music. She creates Music Theatre Performances for ensembles and choirs. Works for Cinema and Radio.
Her always improvised music lives out of the power of contrasts: amorphous sound structures, noises, bizarre atonality are crossing apparently into harmonic melodies and overtone arias.
The expressive sound and the many styles of her vocal music is documented a.o. on eight soundart productions of Deutschland Radio Berlin and at WDR Radio Cologne.
In 2009 the Taipei University of the Arts released a DVD of her „Dao of overtone singing“.
Joachim E. Berendt who engaged her in his last big CD production ranked her as the “best overtone singer known to him”. Exclusively for the movie E
AUSGERECHNET SIBIRIN Natascha composed, sang and choreographed the song of Shorian singer Sajana
Since 1996 she collaborates with Michael Vetter (Duo Transverbal) and gave performances on "structural theatre" all over Europe and the Far East.
The duo realized in 2008 at Tonhalle Zurich the world premiere of “POLES for 2″ with voices and shortwave radios by Karlheinz Stockhausen. In 2013 they performed EXPO for 3 by K. Stockhausen.
Both pieces are published as CD 103 and CD 104 at Stockhausen Verlag
In seminars on his intuitive music (“From the Seven Days”) and the plus/minus score of “POLES” in the Stockhausen Foundation for Music, they convey the relationship between notation and improvisation.
In addtion to a very active international concert program, Natascha holds regular workshops and Master classes throughout Europe, the Far East and Canada. She is teaching voice improvisation, overtone singing and structural theatre at University of Siegen, University of Cologne, University of Ottawa, University of the Arts Taipei, University of Berlin (HdK) and at Music Conservatory Leipzig,
Karlsruhe, Lucerne and Palermo.
Source: Natascha Nikeprelevic

Watch and listen the vídeos: Overtone Aria, SoundStones, Overtone Singing Duet, Recital Overtones and Tambura, Dao of Overtone Singing, Overtone Aria, Mix (30 videos), Treephony,
Ikonographia Ranunculi, Twenty five minutes on line, Subway voice and koto harp, Poles for 2,
Expo for 3, Threadline for voice and double bass,
Live at Circadian Rhythm, Vicinity, Subaqueous,
No Noh experimental music for two voices, Use as is,
Il Linguaggio Musicale, allEin, Moon and Nightingale,
Vicinity (Cologne), Intuitive Musik Ensemble, Heat Transfer, Alice in Wonderland, Thursday Morning,
Re s ponse, Fu Acune, lichtnachte 09 and YouTube Mix (50 videos) and Mix (50 videos).

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