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Imre Peemot
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Imre Peemot was born in 1978 in Estonia and since 1991 he have been mainly living in Finland. Imre got interested in world music in 1996. At first he was focused mainly on didgeridoo, but through many years he have been studying many different instruments and singing techniques from different cultures around the world, like India, Mongolia, Tuva and Finland. Tuvan throat singing (khöömei) and igil (tuvan horse headed fiddle) are his speciality and focus is mainly on them. Imre started throat singing in 2001. He became known in khöömei world in 2003 during his studying trip in Tuva and joined in the same year to group; Cedip Tur for three and half years, which had been performed Tuvan folk music already many years before in Finland. After publishing his first solo album; The Sound of Wool Island, his reputation became known worldwide. Summer of 2006 he did field work for Sibelius Academy in Tuva and Mongolia. Between 2007-2009 he lived half of the time in Tuva and half in Finland. In 2008 in Tuvan Republics Khoomei Symposium he won the price; "The most unique Tuvan Khoomei". 2008-2009 he have done two solo tours in Italy and one in Spain where he have been performing and giving numerous khöömei workshops. Since 2009 he have been walking on spiritual path and stopped performing except once in 2010 in Paris with Sainkho Namtchylak. After 5 years respite he started to perform and giving workshops publicly again in January 2015 in Spain and more in Finland. Now he is doing his third tour in Europe.Contemporary world music influenced by Tuvan folk and it's throat singing- khöömei together with other various world music genres.Mainly voice and igil, but during the history many others Tuvan folk, world music, "psychedelic electronics"  Source: OMN

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