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Like many artists in the contemporary instrumental realm, Deuter mixes acoustic and electronic instruments, ethnic influences, and sounds from nature -- only he's been doing it since the early '70s. Born in the German village of Falkenhagen, Deuter learned flute and taught himself to play guitar but was discouraged from pursuing music as a career. The trauma of a nearly fatal auto accident in 1970, however, motivated him to pursue his dreams. His first recording, D, was released on Kuckuck in 1971. Over the years, Deuter's spiritual search has taken him around the world, most notably to India, where he lived on an ashram, studied Indian music, and recorded several albums. In the mid '80s he moved to the US, eventually settling in Santa Fe, NM.
Deuter's style is characterized by gentle melodies and joyful rhythms that render his music accessible even as he presents an intriguing blend of Eastern and Western styles.
Biography by Linda Kohanov - Source: allmusic

Georg Deuter / Chaitanya G. Deuter is a German New Age instrumentalist and recording artist known for his meditative style that blends Eastern and Western musical styles.
Born in Falkenhagen, Germany, in 1945, as a child Deuter taught himself to play guitar, harmonica and flute. As a young adult he pursued a career in graphic design. A car accident in 1970 convinced him to pursue music career instead, and he released his first album, Deuter in 1971. He traveled the world seeking spiritual enlightenment and musical experience, notably recording in Poona, India while living in Osho's ashram. As a disciple he worked closely with his guru, composing music used during various meditation techniques. He also recorded music with other musicians generally known as Music from the World of Osho, Govi, Karunesh, Anugama, Miten to name a few. After returning to the West during the 1980's he lived in various places before ultimately moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico. USA. Deuter continues to record on the German label Kuckuck. Source: last.fm 

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