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Quincy Jones
75th Birthday Celebration
A Montreux Tribute to Quincy Jones
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"Thank Q. A Montreux Tribute to Quincy Jones" Part 1
Claude Nobs, Founder and Director of the Montreux Jazz Festival commissioned us to do a "Bonus Movie" to add to the concert DVD. What an honor it was to give homage to the greatest producer of all time! We were given access to all that was going on for this incredible event. Parties, backstage, musicians and celebrities, jams and more. The movie presents Montreux as The Premier Festival. The location, the people, the music and of course the man. Q loves this place! And we love Q!

Part II brings you behind the scenes of this legendary event. Special guests give homage to the great Q. You'll see exactly what happens when stars and performers walk off the stage. What they do who they talk and greet. This is The Montreux Jazz Festival. And this is the kind of musical event that makes it the greatest festival in the world. Only in Montreux do such an array of stars come together as old and new friends.

In this final short chapter we go outside and deep inside of The Montreux Jazz Festival. Chaka Khan guitarist Tony Maiden takes us on a tour of the audio and video recording facilities. We hang ot with Q when he blows the candles out of his birthday cake. We go across the street for and impromptu jam with Paolo Nutini and Tony at Harry's bar. Then to The Montreux Jazz Cafe for more jammin' til the early hours of the morning. Rested we assist the unveiling of Q's statue in the Montreux Palace gardens. ThankQ for everything you have given the world.

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