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Dina El Wedidi
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Dina El Wedidi an independent Egyptian singer, guitarist and songwriter. Performed all around Egypt in Cultural and public theatres, lately also in Egyptian Jails. Also performed in other countries such as France and Yemen, also performed as chorus with the Egyptian singer Mohamed Mounir and other as a soloist with the Grammy Award Winner Fathi Salama. Also recorded in movies soundtracks such as the Egyptian movie Ibrahim El Abyad. Also part of the soloists of el Warsha Egyptian Folkloric group, performed with them as a soloist and actress in many international festivals and performances. 

While still studying Oriental Languages at Cairo University, Dina joined El Warsha Theater Troupe and discovered her passion for music, learning to sing a wide variety of traditional genres. With the help of her tutor, Maged Soliman, she began to explore the full potential of her voice and also participated in many workshops with independent musicians both in Egypt and beyond, including Grammy award-winning musician Fathy Salama and singer-songwriter Kamilya Jubran. Recently, Dina has been the lead performer of an ensemble of musicians that she refers to as “a growing project”. They have performed extensively in the past 2 years, fusing local and global styles of music.
Dina continues to be inspired by the heritage and identity of Cairo, where she was born and raised, but that inspiration has taken her far beyond the limits of her home city. She is now taking part in “the Nile Project”, a musical and environmental initiative that brings together musicians and thinkers from all over the Nile Valley. She has also won an award from the Rolex Arts Initiative for promising international artists, which gives her a year of mentoring with the renowned Brazilian singer, Gilberto Gil. This major turning point in Dina’s career will see her performing alongside Gil at a number of international music festivals across the world. Source: official website

Watch and listen the videos: Turning Back, Maryam 

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