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The musical traditions of Turkmenistan are combined with non-eastern music influences by Ashkhabad. With its mixture of such Middle Eastern instruments as serp, nagara, taragat and dutar and western classical instruments including violin, viola and cello, the group creates a sound that recalls the cinematic music of Egypt and India.
Centered around accordion player Kurban Kurbanov and vocalist Atabai Tsharykuliev, Ashkhabad takes their name from their site of origin, the capital city of Turkmenistan, located in the desert plains of western Turkistan near the foothills of the Elburz Mountains.
Ashkhabad's debut album, "City Of Love", released in 1993, united Turkmenistan musicians including Khekberdy Allamuradov (serp, dep and nagara), Sabir Rizaer (clarinet, percussion, soprano sax, serp and nagara), Gassan Mamedov (violin) and Bernd von Ostrowski (bass, acoustic bass) and London-based musicians including David DeFries (fluegelhorn), Caroline LaVello (cello), Jacelyn Pook (viola) and Sonia Slang (violin). Liner notes for the album were written by Peter Gabriel.

Biography by Craig Harris  -  Source: allmusic

Ashkhabad is the capital of Turkmenistan and its cultural heart. The city's finest musicians have come together and called themselves Ashkhabad, a word which derives from the Persian language and means CITY OF LOVE.

The Orient has always been a cultural melting pot and so is the music of Ashkhabad. Atabai, Gassan, Sabir, Kurban and Khakberdy play an exciting mixture of traditional Turkmenian music infused with elements from Persia, Azerbeidjan and Turkey. They have been influenced by everything they've ever heard: from the sounds of the desert to jazz and rock.

When John Leckie - best known as a producer of guitar rock bands - first heard Ashkhabad, he was struck by their musical mastery and by the heartfelt beauty of their music. He knew instantly he had to go into a studio with them.

The result is a completely acoustic recording- truly unplugged. It captures the intensity of feeling and the romanticism of Ashkhabad's music. 

Source: RealWorld

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