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Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig
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Born in Ulan Baator, Mongolia, he grew up a nomad on the taiga with his family and their herd of horses. His gift for music was discovered by talent scouts. He studied music at the Ulan Baator Conservatory and became the disciple of the famous morin khuur master, Professor Jamjan. He has lived in Europe (Germany) since 1989 and often performs with other world-music musicians.

Né à Ulan Bator, Mongolie, il grandit en traversant la taïga avec sa famille et leurs troupeaux de chevaux. Il étudie la musique au conservatoire d’Ulan Baator et devient disciple du célèbre maître du morin khoor Professeur Jamjan. Depuis 1989, il vit en Europe (Allemagne) et donne de nombreux concerts avec des musiciens issus de la World Music.
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Enkhjargal was born in Ulaanbaatar / Mongolia in 1968 and grew up in Altanbulag, a small village near the Russian border. He studied at the Music Conservatory in Ulaanbaatar (1990-1992). His teacher was professor G. Jamjan, the most famous and best Morin hoor - Master Mongolia.

During his education played Enkhjargal with his first Morin hoor quintet in Mongolian television and toured with various State ensembles throughout the country to maintain the Mongolian folk music. Through his family background (Enkhjargal father retired to the countryside back to breed horses, which he himself has also share) is Enkhjargal deeply rooted with the traditional and nomadic way of life of his people.

In 1993 he came for the first time with the group "Altain Orgil" to Germany, where he also Rüdiger Oppermann met among others. With it, he played the last nine years, not only in Germany but also in other European countries and the USA numerous concerts. The last Concert tours have taken him to the Swiss Expo `02, after Madrid, Gran Canaria and Paris, just to name a few. By the way he was and is always a welcome guest musician or singer for different projects: with Peter Götzmann he celebrates the Mongolian HioHop, with Rainer Granzin duo he is also happy to once by the jazzy side. So he could perfect his skills to improvise in a completely new music for him and stylistics. With his own interpretation of Mongolian folk music, he proceeds now also a solo career. In addition to several CD recordings as a guest musician released in 2003 his first solo CD ("Hoirr Öngö").

Enkhjargal, the vocal miracle from Mongolia, converts between cultures. With his playing on the Morin hoor and the perfection of his song (under- and overtone) he loves to merge his traditional roots with modern, traditional western music and improvisation. Thus he succeeds after a few beats or tones to lead the audience to smell or the beauty of the Mongolian steppe and width before the eyes and ears.- A treat for the senses.
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