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Uyanga Bold
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Uyanga Bold is an international vocalist, vocal arranger and songwriter from Mongolia based in Los Angeles, CA, known for her distinctive emotive and improvisatory vocals inspired by traditional Mongolian “Urtiin Duu” singing. COSMOPOLITAN magazine Mongolia nominated her as Best Female Singer of the Year (Sept ‘13 issue), FORBES magazine says “her voice harkens back to ancient civilizations” (May ‘13 issue, Romania). Uyanga has performed with GRAMMY AWARD winner Angelique Kidjo and the Women of the World, with triple Grammy Award and AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD nominated artist Blu Cantrell, and her voice can be heard on the official 2013 Google Nexus and Disney Mickey Mouse Club ads in Japan. With over a million views on youtube, the reinterpreted live version of Hans Zimmer’s “Batman: The Dark Knight” Suite at  in 2013 featuring Tina Guo as electric cello soloist and Uyanga as Mongolian ethnic soloist was a raw and new experience for the European audience and garnered rave reviews in print media. Uyanga’s performances and interviews have been featured in radio and TV broadcasts in Europe, in the United States and in Asia.
Born Uyanga Boldbaatar in Moscow, the Mongolian singer is fluent in four languages (English, French, Russian, Mongolian) and has sung in over a dozen languages, including Bulgarian, Afrikaans, Bambara (Mali) and more. Drawing inspiration from vocal traditions from around the globe, Uyanga’s work is a unique blend of cultures and sounds. She specializes in the ethnic improvisatory melismatic melodies of the Asian continent, in particular, the epic vocal stylings inspired by the Mongolian “Long Drawn Song”. The latter was declared by UNESCO as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Through Middle and far Eastern influences, Eastern European/Bulgarian women’s choir harmonies and textures, African rhythms, and American cinematic, rock, pop and soul, Uyanga takes the listener on a journey with a uniquely nuanced voice, raw emotion and a powerful stage presence.
Uyanga has studied voice performance at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. During her studies in Boston, she founded the 12-piece ensemble “Ella Ekko and the Gang”, which was voted one of the top three R&B acts at the Boston Music Conference R&B Competition, and emerged as one of the winners of the Battle of the Bands. She also performed at the New England Urban Music Awards ’11, the first Mongolian to do so, and was a nominee for the Best R&B Group and Best CD/Single categories, the latter for her original song “Water”, that led to radio interviews and plays. During that time, she also represented Mongolia and Asia in the “Rhythm of the Universe” organization. With ROTU, Uyanga has performed at the Boston Symphony Hall as a lead singer opening for Alan Silvestri, for Harvard honoring Bill and Chelsea Clinton for their health work award ceremony, the Massachussetts Remembers 9/11 concert at Hatch Memorial Shell, the press conference performance at the Paramount Theatre for the Outside the Box festival, the Outside the Box festival and more.
In Mongolia, Uyanga was featured and interviewed as a solo artist on national television, which include UBS TV Music Channel, C1, Channel 25, radio broadcasts, as well as print and digital media. Among the concerts in 2014 that received television coverage were the Festivalul Internaţional al Educaţiei (FIE), in Iasi, Romania where she was invited to perform as ethnic soloist the best of Thomas Bergersen’s TWO STEPS FROM HELL at the Palace of Culture in Iasi, Romania, and the TENERIFE INTERNATIONAL FILM MUSIC FESTIVAL (Fimucite) Batman Anniversary concert with Orquestra Sinfonica de Tenerife as vocal soloist in the Canary Islands, Spain.
In Los Angeles, Uyanga performs regularly in avant-garde theatre, records trailer music and music for independent moving pictures, and works as a vocal coach. She is a featured artist for the upcoming “Anthem for the Amazon”, a collaborative music video project to spark interest in the Amazon Aid Foundation’s campaign. 

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