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Renaud Garcia-Fons
Thumbnail of Renaud Garcia-FonsThumbnail of Renaud Garcia-FonsThumbnail of Renaud Garcia-Fons
Album cover for MediterraneesAlbum cover for Garcia-Fons, Renaud: Solo BassAlbum cover for Garcia-Fons, Renaud: NavigatoreSometimes referred to as "the Paganini of double bass,"Renaud Garcia-Fons is a composer and five-string bass player who was deeply influenced by the brilliant bassist François Rabbath. Garcia-Fons actually started his studies in music at an early age. He began with piano when he was only five, switched to classical guitar at eight, and then to rock in his teens, finally settling on the bass when he was 16.Garcia-Fons lives in Paris and has toured through Germany and Europe performing at festivals. In 1987, he became a member of the Orchestre de Contrebasses. He remained with them for six years, also appearing with the Orchestre National de Jazz during some of that time. ENJA Records released Garcia-Fons' solo debut, Légendes, in the '90s. Alboreá was his next release. The album featured his quartet of Jean-Louis Matinier on accordion, Jacques Mahieux on drums, and Yves Torchinsky on bass. Garcia-Fons' third album,Oriental Bass, which he composed, was released in 1998. Next, he combined talents with accordionist Jean-Louis Matinier on the album Fuera. Garcia-Fons' music is a rich gypsy mix of global jazz flavored with Indian, Greek, African, flamenco, Latin American, tango, and new musette. On many works he is accompanied by a variety of instruments, including guitar, lute, derbouka, flutes, trombone, and accordion.
Biography by Charlotte Dillon Source: allmusic
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