terça-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2015

Otto Lechner

Viennese accordionist Otto Lechner expands the general parameters of his instrument with this unique collection of minimalist pieces for accordion. At times Lechner explores jazz intonations, but most often his stream of consciousness playing leaves the listener wondering where the piece is headed, or for that matter, what musical ground has just been covered. An obvious exception is his rendering of "Bosnia Suite," a folk song with definite structure and melody, but at a mere two minutes and 11 seconds, it becomes more of a nebulous afterthought than a moment to savor, given the context of this album.
Review by Dave Sleger   -   Source: allmusic
Watch and listen the vídeos: Akkordeon Festival,
Sprudel & Music, Leise rieselt der Schenee, Wiener

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