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Capa do álbum Wonder Rooms
AM444 is the music project of Chinese underground star ChaCha (RBMA 2011, Kode9/Hyperdub, Jimi Tenor, RSD, Clive Chin etc) and Dutch producer/dj Jay.Soul(Mr.Windmill, Cecilia Stalin, Corey, NineFifty etc).
AM444 sounds like Björk's Chinese relative hanging out with the Dutch step brother of J Dilla, or Grace Jones going a trippy boat journey with Little Dragon from Bristol to Shanghai.
Soulful, trippy vocals in Mandarin crossbreeding with hip-hop, funk and electronica powered beats. AM444's sound is eclectic and increasingly hard to file under any one particular genre, but strangely familiar and accessible to all.
Check out our two albums here and latest EP "Détache Toi" featuring -M- (Matthieu Chedid) (iTunes | Amazon| YouTube) and connect with us on Facebook (or Weibo) for the latest news!
"The duo creates an incredible global feel, sampling sounds far beyond the borders of China or America. AM444 brazenly emit a dynamic avant-garde underground feel." (thewildmagazine.com)
"AM444 make head-nodders for spaceships. They are undoubtedly one of the Chinese underground’s most exportable products. It’s only a matter of time before this rocket blasts off (..) The sound is, at alternating intervals, dark, hopeful, funky, tranced-out, beautiful, foreboding, buoyant, and back to dark and funky. It’s the drug equivalent of smoking opium, then taking a hit off a crack pipe, and following that up with some downers and a six-pack of Red Bull." (layabozi.com)
"Jay and ChaCha are two talented individuals at the top of their game, making music that reflects a vast palette of influences in a new and original way." (shanghai247.net)   
Source: AM444
Watch and listen the vídeos: Détache ToiEye Wonder,Lies, Jing Mi De Hu Po, Xiang Shi You Guang,
Saint-Nazaire, Shen Xian Yao, Ni Wen Wo BaShelter
Shangai pt of 4, pt 2 of 4, pt 3 of 4 and pt 4 of 4,
Qu Hai Bian, Shi Yi, Eye Know, Ge Zong Ren, Xiang
Shi You Guang, Whatsoever, Born Burn, Shen Jing Mo Shao, Rooms (14 videos)Lies (Jay.Soul Truth
Remix) and AM444 (13 videos).

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