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Susana Seivane
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Susana Seivane was born in Barcelona in 1976. 
She is the heiress of the Seivane family, one of the most prestigious and well-known families in the bagpipers and bagpipe artisans world. She started her musical career at the age of three. Led by her father Álvaro Seivane and influenced by skilled bagpipers such as her grandfather Xosé Manuel Seivane, Ricardo Portela and Moxenas, she gained respect an admiration from the bagpipe world and from the traditional Galician music. A genuine style which today is present in Susana´s way of playing music, since she is able to synthesize the "enxebre" style of the ancient bagpipers. Moreover, she is also able to create her own style, expanding this valuable legacy to other musical influences. In order to obstain this, she is surrounded by a very young group of musicians, all of which contribute by offering freshness and originality to her show.
In 1999 she edited her first record "Susana Seivane" (BOA MUSIC), produced by Rodrigo Romaní, one of the "Milladoiro" founders.
This piece of work, based on traditional themes and compositions of Galician artists, led her all around the best stages of National and International Folk, obtaining great success and praiseworthy critics. Her first record was edited in Europe, USA an Canadá.
With her second album "Alma de Buxo" (BOA MUSIC Ed.2001) produced by herself, under the artistic supervision of Rodrigo Romaní, she is consolidated as a galician artist of reference in Folk panorama.
In this album, important artists such as Uxía Senlle, Kepa Junkera or Rodrigo Romaní offer their collaboration. A especial contribution from her grandfather Xosé Seivane is worthwile to mention. As an innovation, in this piece of work she introduced instruments such as drums or a bass guitar and she enriched her record with her own compositions.
During this year she turned out to be one of the finalists in the 2001 Indie Awards, the prestigious awards which the Independent Music Association of the United States (AFIM) grant each year, in the category of best artist in Contemporary Music worldwide.
In 2003 she has collaborated with the famous Brittany bagpipes Band, the Bagad Kemper, in recording their last album “Sud-Ar Su”. She is still on tour with the band, in their most important concerts, as in Paris (Nuit Celtique-March 2004), in Nantes (Nuits Celtes-June 2004), Quimper (Festival de Cornouaille-July 2004) and she will also be on stage with them during next Festival Interceltique, in Lorient (August 2004).
In 2004 she has edited her third album "Mares de Tempo" (BOA MUSIC), in which, without forgetting the tradition and the roots of the Galician music, she wanted to introduce a new instrument: her voice. This third record, full of collaborations of excellent and well known Galician musicians, has enclosed a DVD that let people contemplate Susana Seivane in her best moments on stage and out of it.
Mares de tempo is a title that has been taken out from the work of the Galician poet Celso Emilio Ferreiro: Longa noite de pedra. It is a reflection on time that passes and on its the loss on banal things.
Os soños que volven, ten years after her first compact disc as a soloist, released in 1999. With Os soños que volven, she wanted to bring back to the present a part of the melodies that accompanied her along her path. Os soños que volven, are the melodies of her childhood and her life, is her life’s sound track.

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