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Juhász Miczura Mónika (Mitsou)
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Mitsoura’ is one of the most illustrious Eastern European worldmusic groups, the characteristics of which are its unique musical approach, sound and complex artistic pursuits. The group is formed by leading Hungarian musicians with Mitsou (born Mónika Miczura, Hungary) in the front. With her unique voice, the beautiful gipsy singer makes the original performance of the project unforgettable.
Mitsoura are:
Juhász Miczura Mónika (Mitsou) - vox
Monori András - sax, kaval, gadulka, sitar, bansuri, shungi
Moldvai Márk - keyboards, computer, programming
Szalai Péter - tabla, nakkara, kalimba, percussion, konnakol
Lukács Miklós - cimbalom
Mandula Éva - visual
Special guests:
Barcza Horváth József - bass
Válik László - noise guitar
Dés András - percussion
Papesch Péter - fretless bass

Mónika Juhász Miczura is a Roma (or “Gypsy”) singer from Hungary. She is also known as “Mitsu” and “Mitsou”, and should not be confused with the Québécois Canadian singer who uses that latter name. She sang for many years with the highly respected ensemble Ando Drom. Her voice is particularly haunting and unforgetable. She has contributed to film soundtracks; in Tony Gatlif’s film Gadjo dilo (1997) she provided the voice of the singer that the film’s protagonist is searching for. She has also sung in the films Kísértések (2002), Swing (2002), Vengo (2000) (uncredited) and Je suis né d’une cigogne (1999). Together with former members of Ando Drom she formed the ensemble Mitsoura, and they released an album, also called Mitsoura, in 2003. In addition, she has been a guest artist on the albums of other internationally renowned groups; for instance Fanfare Ciocărlia’s Kings and Queens (2007), Bratsch’s Rien Dans Les Poches (2000) and Besh O Drom’s Once I Catch the Devil (2006), GYI! (2005) and Can’t Make Me! - Nekemtenemmutogatol (2003). She is also a member of the “Global Vocal Meeting” project. 

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