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Mundi Romani
The World Through Roma Eyes

With thorough investigation and through admiration for the untold stories, Mundi Romani explores the amazing world of the Roma from India to the US, through Kosovo, Spain, Greece, Romania, France, Macedonia, Israel and many other places.
A traveling documentary film series produced by the Budapest-based Romedia Foundation and Duna Television Hungary. Source: Mundi Romani

The series was first launched in 2007 and, spanning 28 countries, Mundi Romani was broadcast on Hungarian TV network Duna and was nominated for several awards. In 2008, the series received a nomination for Best News Documentary at Monte Carlo for “Trapped: the Forgotten Story of the Mitrovica Roma” and a year later the same film was shortlisted for the FIPA award for Best Reportage and Current Affairs.
Also in 2009, Mundi Romani’s film “Last Days of Sulukule” won Best Cinematographer at the Golden Eye awards. The following year, UNESCO formally honored the series with its Prize for the Rapprochement of Cultures. Mundi Romani has also won two First Prizes at the My Native Land International Television awards (2008 and 2009) in Ukraine.
Now, bigger and bolder than ever, Mundi Romani can continue to offer viewers a unique taste of each country we visit while covering human rights and cultural stories from a fresh perspective. We are very grateful for the support we have received so far, especially from the Open Society Roma Initiatives, which has helped Mundi Romani to make a mark on Romani filmmaking.
Taking the viewer on a journey into little known corners of the world, Mundi Romani works in tight cooperation with local Romani civil society to show their side of the story. We are passionate about travelling far and wide on a voyage of discovery and ultimately broadcasting a proud, positive and, most importantly, genuine message.  

Source: Romedia Foundation
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Faces of change                  Macedonia 

India (part 1)                India (part 2)   

Maya Family                    Lashi Vita  

Trapped                                         Ukraine 2008

Sulukule                          Albania

Venice Biennale             Roma in Turkey

Romani Waltzer            Roby Lakatos

Hate on the Rise           Shelter and Palace

South Serbia                Guilty until

Voices of Jerez            Szendrolad

Rahim Burhan              Russia

Coimbra                       Musical Journey

Portugal                        Hate on the Rise

Ferenc Snetberger        The Romen Theatre

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