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Light in Babylon
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This project began when two travellers, Michal and Julien, met in 2009. Later in 2010 Michal and Julien decided to come back to Istanbul, build what we call today `Light in Babylon` band and turned from covers of folk songs to original compositions. There they met Metehan Cifti (santur player). Since then they cooperate together and enjoyed playing in the streets, cafes and well-known performance halls in Istanbul.
At May 2010 they made their first professional demo album `Istanbul`. At the summer of the same year they played in Europe in festivals. With the time they audience increased in Turkey and in the Middle East, and create the base of the band in this inspiring land.
In November 2011, they release their second demo album `Life sometimes doesn’t give you space` with cooperation with additional new musicians including the bass guitarist,Fethi Hıncal,the percussionist,

Gürkan Özkan and hardy-gardy player,Eléonore Fourniau.
Already the band is preparing their first studio master quality album and writing and composing their third demo album.
This project is the fusion of different ethnicities and cultures, the singer is Israeli from Iranian origin, the santur player is Turkish the guitarist is French and they cooperate with musicians from different origin as well (Turkish, French and more)
Despite the political tensions in Middle East affecting the daily life of the musicians, the band is still highly creative and gives through music all the love, hope and peace that it carries in his heart with the wish that every human will follow the vision of a world full of light.  
Watch and listen the videos: Hinech Yafa, Istanbul,
Istiklal, Ayelten Chen and YouTube Mix (50 videos).

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