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Ramzi Aburedwan:
Reflections Of Palestine

Born and raised in a Palestinian refugee camp, Ramzi Aburedwan only began to play music in his late teens and is now a world-class solo musician and leader of the Palestine National Ensemble of Arabic Music. Enjoy the gentle sounds of Ramzi’s bouzouk, accompanied by oud, accordion and percussion on this evocative instrumental album.
The powerful shot circulated rapidly and became an icon of the First Intifada, the Palestinian uprising of 1987–1993. Posters of Ramzi ‘the stone thrower’ were sold in the West Bank, and the revered Arab poet Nizar Qabbani wrote a poem inspired by the actions of the young rebel and his comrades, ‘The Trilogy of the Children of the Stones’ (1988). During his teens Ramzi took part in some free music lessons. Upon discovering his talent, his whole world flipped sideways, and music rapidly became his profession, his life and, most significantly, his weapon.
Ramzi went on to study at the National Conservatory of Angers in France. Currently he performs as a world-class solo musician and as leader of the esteemed Palestine National Ensemble of Arabic Music. He is also the founder of Al Kamandjâti, a music school based in Palestine.
Reflections Of Palestine is a thoughtful instrumental album that showcases Ramzi’s skill and artistry, and sensitively narrates his extraordinary story through sound. 
Source: World Music Network

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