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Putumayo World Music is a New York City-based record label, now specialising in compilations of music from various nations, regions or musical styles which may be classified as world music.
Dan Storper took the name Putumayo from his company, Putumayo Clothing Company. Storper named his clothing company after traveling in Colombia, where the name Putumayo is a river and a department. The Putumayo River delineates the border between Colombia and Peru. The name is said to be the name of a bird (heron).
In 1991, on his way home from Bali, Storper stopped in San Francisco, California. In Golden Gate Park, he heard the Nigerian band Kotoja. He was impressed by the music and the way it gathered many different people.
This made him reflect on how he presented music in his stores. He made a compilation of music he had gathered on his journeys and gathered a positive response. This led him to give out his first release in 1993. Sources: wikipedia and putumayo

Watch and listen the videos:

Brazilian Lounge(12 Tracks) African Music (12 tracks)

Afro-Latin Party (10 tracks)  Blues Lounge (10 Tracks)
Putumayo (21 Tracks)          Arabic Groove 
Cafe Cubano (74 Tracks)      Latin Jazz (41 Tracks)
World Music  ( 8 tracks)       Brazil (51 tracks)
Women of Jazz (10 Tracks) Acoustic Africa(15 Tracks)
World Music (16 Tracks)      Yoga (30 Tracks)
Reggae (18 Tracks)             Women (10 Tracks)
Latin (35 Tracks)                 Cuba (44 Tracks)
French Café (12 tracks)       Afro Latino (18 Tracks)
Euro Groove (10 Tracks)     World Music (105 Tracks)
Gypsy Beats (58 Tracks)     Putumayo (41 Tracks)
Mississipi Blues ( 9 Tracks)  Putumayo (80 Tracks)
Videos:Mama Africa Chico Cesar, World Music (12
videos), Salsa Around the World,  Playlist (12 videos)
World Music (27 videos), World Music (34 videos),
Habib Koite, Putumayo (37 videos).
You can buy the Putumayo records at Livraria Cultura
or at Amazon.

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