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Ballaké Sissoko & Vicent Segal
Chamber Music

Ballaké Sissoko & Vicent Segal video
Ballaké Sissoko
One of the modern-day masters of his instrument, Ballaké Sissoko is a Malian kora player who found success as a recording artist, generally in collaboration with others, most notably fellow Malian kora player Toumani Diabaté. Born in 1968 in Mali and based in Paris, France, he is the son of Jelimady Sissoko, a master of the kora. Sissoko first made a name for himself as a recording artist in 1999 with co-billing on the Toumani Diabaté album New Ancient Strings. The following year, he released the solo-billed album Déli (2000), which features his wife, the vocalist Mama Draba, among other musicians. Subsequent albums include Diario Mali (2003), a collaboration with Italian contemporary classical pianist Ludovico Einaudi; Tomora (2005); 3MA(2008), a collaboration with Moroccan oud player Driss el Maloumi and Madgascan valiha player Rajery; and Chamber Music (2009), a collaboration with French celloist Vincent Ségal. Source: allmusic
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Vincent Ségal
Is a French cellist and bassist born in 1967 in the French city of Reims.
He is a conservatory musician from the National Music Academy of Lyon who also studied at Banff Centre for the Arts in Canada. He is mainly known for the variety of his collaborations and out of the ordinary projects. He has worked with the likes of Steve Nieve, Elvis Costello,Cesaria Evora, Blackalicious, Carlinhos Brown, the  French reggae band Tryo, Franck Monnet, the experimental project Mujeres Encinta,Georges Moustaki or with Alexandre Desplat in the O.S.T. of Lust, caution and other of his films.
In 1986 he met Cyril Atef and together formed the band Bumcello a downtempo electronica duo that obtain ample success in France as well as Victoires de la Musique award as Electronic artist of the year 2006. He has also collaborated in every Matthieu Chedid (-M-) album. In 2009 he collaborated with Sting's in his album If on a Winter's Night... for which they tour together. In October of the same year he recorded, in the studio of Salif Keïta in Mali, the collaboration album Chamber Music with Ballaké Sissoko The collaboration has had a great success, Sissoko and Ségal have been touring together for the past couple of years.   Source: Wikipedia

Chamber Music
Upon seeing the title Chamber Music, some people might assume that this 55-minute CD contains European classical music performed by a chamber group. But Chamber Music is actually an album of traditional African music, albeit traditional African music with Euro-classical overtones at times. The main participants are Malian kora player Ballaké Sissoko and French cellist Vincent Segal, who form an acoustic duo. On some selections, they are joined by additional participants; for example, Malian-born singer Awa Sangho joins them on "Regret -- A Kader Barry." But for the most part,Chamber Music (which was recorded in 2009 in a studio in Bamako, Mali) is an album of instrumental duets -- and those duets have the moody, hypnotic approach that traditional Malian music (as opposed to modern Malian pop) is known for. Some purists might argue that if the classically trained Segal (an ex-member of the National Orchestra of France) is bringing Euro-classical overtones to some of the material, Chamber Music isn't really traditional African music. But this acoustic recording isn't quite African pop either, and Sissoko and Segal certainly keep things rootsy on Sissoko's compositions as well as Segal's. Earthiness is the rule on Sissoko offerings like "Halinkata Djoubé," "Wo Yé N'Gnougobine," "Mako Mady," and "Future" as well as the three songs that Segal contributes: "Oscarine," "Histoire de Molly," and "'Ma-Ma' FC." And Segal's Euro-classical overtones never really detract from that overall earthine ss, although they do add to the intrigue factor. Besides, Segal's background isn't strictly in European classical music; he has also been exploring rock, trip-hop, and different types of world music, and he sounds perfectly comfortable playing alongside a traditional Malian kora player. Sissoko and Segal's collaboration yields consistently absorbing results on the excellent Chamber Music
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