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Les Tambours du Bronx 

A French collective -- if you will -- whose original stated goal for forming (back in 1987) was to explore a percussive, ‘brutal,' and ‘urban.' sound and experience. Initially a group numbering 18, Tambours du Bronx started out as an exclusively tin and metal drum affair, but eventually grew to include keyboards, mixing decks, loops and raps. The group got its start during the birth of the French alt-rock movement, and shared stages and venues with many of its most well remembered players, including Les Garçons Bouchers, Mano Negra, Les Négresses Vertes, and Les Wampas. In 2006, Les Tambours du Bronx issued the live DVD, which documented their current line-up (numbering in at 22) as well as their current live performance arrangement.   
Artist Biography by 
Les TAMBOURS DU BRONX were born in 1987 in Varennes-Vauzelles, parish of Nevers, Nievre, France. Their name comes from a Varennes-Vauzelles district called « The Bronx » because of its square patterned streets, and lines of identical dark houses. This district was primarily inhabited, by SNCF (French trains society) workers, where the first drums used by les TDB are from.
Their first performance was a simple happening as part of the « Nevers a Vif » festival, in 1987 . What began like a joke between friends became the urban percussion’s international reference.
20 years later, they’ve played through the U.S.A., Brasil, Arabics, Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Reunion Island, Djibouti, Slovenia…and all around western Europe, on big events such as the bicentenary French revolution on the Champs-Elysee for Jean-Paul Goude defile in 1989, the opening of Johnny Hallyday 40 years career under the Eiffel Tower, a 6 week tour across the U.S.A. in 2000, the opening of KoЯn on Sziget Festival in Budapest in 2005, the Rockslide Festival for the opening of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant from Led Zeppelinin Denmark in 1992 and 1995, the French Stadium in 2006…
1000 concerts, 15000 squashed drums and 100000 split beetles stake the route of this atypical band out, who had more than 100 musicians in 20 years of life.


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