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Real World Records

George Telek is from Papua New Guinea where he is a huge star with legions of fans. Telek's work traverses many musical styles; featuring the haunting vocals which draw on his proud Tolai culture. The Tolai are a vigorous culture, centred on the Rabaul area of the East New Britain province of Papua New Guinea. Telek sings in pidgin English and his tribal language of Kuanuan. The sweet, soft-focused pop songs on the record tell stories of island life. Telek's instruments come from the island, but the production is pure UK. Telek has an unabashed fondness for British pop. After setting foot for the first time in London, Telek's first task was to go to Abbey Road to have his photo taken, Beatles-style, crossing the street!
The album "Serious Tam" was released by Real World Records in 2000.
Watch and listen the videos:
West Papua, Namisale, Abebe, Mi Save Wari, West Papua, Gutpla Taim, Balamaris, Waitpela GrasWali, Paska, Rabal I Paine and Amidel.

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