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Real World Records

In 2002 Real World brought together the contemporary American soundtrack composer BT and the UK's superstar DJ Sasha. With the additional presence of some outstanding international performers from Kenya's Ayub Ogada, Geoffrey Oryema from Uganda, B'net Houriyat, the traditional womans group from the Moroccan deserts, Hukwe Zawose from Tanzania and Pakistan's Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali group - this unique collaboration created some of the most memorable tracks ever to have come out of Real World.
Da-ka-ne, as featured in Long Way Down is a building, soaring epic track where the trance-like elements of traditional African vocal meet their contemporary counterpart in the world of electronica. This track is an exclusive preview of the forthcoming Real World album by BT and Sasha on which Da-ka-ne will feature in its full 20 minute version.
There are DJs who turn up, play records and make people dance. And there are producers who make the dancefloor-igniting records those DJs will kill for. There are very few people in dance music who can do both and Sasha is the leader of the pack. Ever since he rode in on a tidal wave of adoration from the North of England's explosive early 90s club scene, that magic touch has made Alexander Coe one of the most famous, most revered DJ on the planet.
It's because of what he can do with music - the way he can make good records sound better, great records sound awesome, and everything he plays into his own. The way his mixes take elements from across the spectrum of electronic dance, from trance, breaks, progressive and deep house, and create a languidly hypnotic liquid groove. The way his understanding of both melody and momentum can tease, taunt, and en-trance a dancefloor before unleashing a record that will have people not just leaping up and down but bursting with emotion.
Renaissance was where Sasha created his niche and helped forge a new style in UK house music. At Renaissance two major things happened; Sasha mixed the first ever UK DJ mix album and he met John Digweed which cemented the partnership known as 'Northern Exposure'. He became the first DJ cover star - on Mixmag in early 1991 - the still shy DJ was freaked. It's this contradiction - the coyness that Alexander Coe has when it comes to being Sasha, that's at the core of the Sasha myth.
Although Sasha has clearly reached a celebrity status, it's his generous personality, his love for his peers and of course his completely candid humour that has enabled him to maintain such a likeable high profile in the often-fickle world of club culture. Sasha has gone from DJ to superstar statu s in America, where 'Sasha' is a household name for many teenagers.
Watch and listen the videos: Live at Loca Beach

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