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Saba Anglana

Actress-turned-vocalist Saba Anglana was born in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, during General Muhammad Siyad Barre's oppressive regime. Due to the family's mixed-marriage status (Saba's father was Italian, and her mother a Somalia-born Ethiopian), the Anglanas were forced to flee to the father's homeland when Saba was five years old. Anglana was thereafter raised in Italy, eventually rising to national prominence as a television actress, but her Somali roots remained an important focus. She studied the native language with her mother, particularly the regional dialect of Xamar Weyne, and connected to her native country through music. Jidka: The Line marked her solo debut in 2007, mixing the traditional sounds of Anglana's home country with contemporary flourishes. 
by Andrew Leahey - Source: allmusic
Born in Mogadishu to an Italian father and Ethiopian mother, Saba has come to represent the meeting of African and European cultures: as an actress she starred in a long-running TV drama, playing the role of a policewoman fighting against the prejudice of her colleagues, while dealing with issues such as illegal immigration from Africa. On Jidka (The Line), her musical debut, she explores the divide between Somalia and Italy with a rare sensitivity and gentle humour; mixing acoustic guitars and koras with traditional African beats and contemporary percussion. The result reflects both one woman's search for her identity and what it means to be alive in the 21st century, when so many people live in more than one culture. Source: World Music Network 

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