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S. E. Rogie

Real World Records

S.E Rogie was one of Sierra Leone's most enduring and popular recording artists. His inimitably warm and loving musical style, called Palm Wine music (for listening pleasure whilst enjoying Palm Wine) was developed during the course of a career spanning nearly 50 years.
Since leaving Sierra Leone in the early 1970's, Rogie lived both in the USA and the UK, returning only much later to the country of his birth to play a series of benefit concerts for people displaced by the political turmoil of 1993. By the time of his homecoming his fame has spread far beyond the boundaries of West Africa.
His last recording "Dead Men Don't Smoke Marijuana" was released in May 1994 by Real World Records. It has since become a classic of world music.
S.E Rogie died on 4 July 1994, aged sixty-eight.
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