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Oreca Tx

Oreka Tx. Harkaitz Mtnz. San Vicente (Donostia, 1975) and Igor Otxoa (Donostia, 1973) form a pair as txalapartaris since 1997, Oreka born in Tx. Since then, the sound of his txalaparta has participated in countless projects and training.
They joined the band in 1997 and Kepa Junkera played 10 years with him, acting in many countries and participating in the discs recorded in that period, including “K” which was awarded a Latin Grammy. They have shared the stage with bands and artists such as Carlos Nunez, Altan, Taraf de Haidouks, Maria del Mar Bonet, Hendirgarna, Susana Seivane, Dulce Pontes, Pat Metheny, Phil Cunningham Berrogüeto or, musicians, trapped by the quality and versatility of these txalaparta teachers, wanted to incorporate into their shows.
Endorphin Quercus (2001) is the title of his first album, published by Elkarlanean. It is then up his band and start gigging with it, performing in countries across Europe and in places like USA, Mexico, Dubai, South Africa, New Caledonia, and so on.
Oreka Tx has also collaborated on recording projects with musicians such as Alasdair Fraisier, Kepa Junkera, Phil Cunningham, Oskorri, Hevia or Gontzal Mendibil, among others.
Festivals of all continents have provided a platform to raise awareness internationally txalaparta both the public and the media specialist.
Since 2003 he has been immersed in the project Nömadak TX, from which arises his second CD, “Nömadak TX”, published by (2006) in Euskal Elkarlanean distributed by Harmonia Mundi Country and the world since March this 2009.
More Oreka TX
1 .- “Quercus Endorphin” is the title of his first album, published by Elkarlanean (2001) and produced by Kepa Junkera.
Instrumentalists and vocalists who were invited to this recording: Glen Velez (USA), Michel Bordeleau (La Bottine Souriante, Quebec), Mikel Laboa, Ibon Koteron, Phil Cunningham (Scotland) and Justin Vali (Madagascar) besides their Kepa Junkera large doses that provided creative, all working according to the solo instrument, the txalaparta.
2 .- “Nömadak TX” is their second album. Released in 2006 by Elkarlanean and distributed, has been in March 2009 published by World Village and distributed by Harmonia Mundi worldwide.
It was conducted in musicians who travel during those years were recorded within the project Nömadak TX:
In India, Palani Velu, Manikandan Nair, Kutal Khan, Jayan Nair, Goobi Hasdim and Bagua, in Lapland First Mikel, Terje Isungset and Jana Mangi, in Morocco Said group, Abdelhak Amazighs Akadouch, Ouafaa Aouattah, Fouad Elattabi, Asmaa Aouattah , in the Tindouf camps Tiris group in Mongolia A. Undarmaa, J. Munkhbat, and Ganzorig Muukhai Nergui Ganbold, and from the Basque Mikel Laboa, Angel Unzu, Iñigo Egia, Ion Garmendia, Xabi Zeberio, Javi Alzola, Julio Andrade, Pello Ramirez, Iñigo Agirre and Oreka Tx.
Watch the videos: Uluka,  Musikaire 2011Areloreak,   
Nomadak Tx (trailer), Zuzenean, Intsusadi (La Bottine Souriante + Oreka T), Viljandi Folk Music Festival, Los Conciertos de Radio 3:IntsusadiAmazighJai AdivasiLauhazkaSaapmiDzuudItaka and Etzgarit.

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