domingo, 19 de maio de 2013

Rahul Sharma
Real World Records

Rahul Sharma is a master of the santoor which is a similar instrument to the hammered dulcimer. Sharma is the son of Shivkumar Sharma and both father and son are renowned for their skill on this instrument. They have transformed it from a Kashmiri folk item to a respected instrument in Indian classical circles. Rahul Sharma recorded "Music of the Himalayas" in 2002. The album is a beautiful live recording of intricate and soul-stirring instrumental music that evokes the atmosphere of the breathtaking Himilayas. The album brings together expertly both traditional folk and classical influences. 
Listen and watch thevideos:Bhupal Todi, Ladakh, Rajasthan, Viva Madikeri,Time trance, Colors of India, Punjab, Autumn in Srinagar, Sawai 2012 and Top Tracks (24 videos).

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