segunda-feira, 1 de abril de 2013

Variations on Keith Jarrett's Koln Concert
New Sounds Episode #3442
Koln Concert CD Cover

"The quiet lyricism of pianist Keith Jarrett's intimate encounter with a Bosendorfer in 1975, all spontaneous improvisations - was the first ever jazz concert given at the Köln Opera House.  It was was recorded and released as a double LP.  "The Köln Concert" became an instant classic, and many years later, in 1990, Jarrett finally agreed publish an authorized transcription.  In 2006, a new interpretation by the Polish conductor, composer, arranger, and pianist Tomasz Trzcinsk was published.  For this New Sounds, we'll hear Jarrett's original, Trzcinsk's new interpretation, and other recent works based on the concert".

New Sounds provides a place for your left and right brain to unwind at the end of day.
Hosted by John Schaefer

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