segunda-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2013

Blue Lotus Festival 2013
Pushkar, India

"Blue Lotus Festival - Discover Sounds of India - the best of authentic Indian culture in one place! 
Over six days, The Blue Lotus Festival will take you through centuries of Indian sound, history and colour, in an event that will be a sensual feast, both for the intelligent and curious visitor looking to expand their knowledge and experience the authentic India beyond the clichés, right through to the serious ethnomusicologist in search of the country's fabulous yet largely unseen folk music heritage.
Highlights :
· Over 40 performances during a period of six days.
· Special night showcases at sand dunes, temples, heritage centers
· Music workshops and film screenings.
· Camel safaris, life craft, yoga classes and much more.
· Local cuisine from across India.
· International audience and media coverage".


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