sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

For most people Mozambique conjures up images of tragedy - war, famine and millions of refugees living on food aid. The other side of this young Southern African nation, rich in art and culture, is hardly ever seen.
Eyuphuro (EE-U-FOO-ROO) means "whirlwind" and their music draws on many influences, as African vocals and Arabic rhythms meet the delicate, lilting Portuguese-influenced guitar.
From the start the group's leaders, Zena Baker and Gimo Remane, made a concerted effort to preserve the traditional rhythms of their home in Nampula. Their birthplace, Illa de Mozambique, was one of Africa's most cosmopolitan commercial centres and Eyuphuro's music reflects a blend of musical influences as African traditions meet Arabic and Latin styles. From these roots Eyuphuro write contemporary songs of love and social criticism, a sharply perceived commentary on life in Mozambique today.
Listen and watch the videos of Eyuphuro's music:
Mwanumi, Masikini, Afrikafestival: Eyuphuro 1 e Eyuphuro 2,
Kihiyeni, Muanadjulu, Ohawha e Othiawene.

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